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Pulp Molding Raw Material 2: Bamboo Pulp

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Bamboo pulp is a very good pulp molding (plant fiber mold) products raw materials. Bamboo fiber belongs to medium and long fiber and its properties are between coniferous wood (needlebush) and broad-leaved wood.

The products produced by bamboo pulp has strong toughness, it is not easy to crack when producing deep products, the surface is smooth and delicate, and the whiteness is high. But when the surface of the product is rubbed, it is easy to appear fluffy fibers. When the proportion of bamboo pulp is more than 40%, the pulp should be ground to eliminate the appearance of fluff fiber on the surface of the product.

Bamboo pulp is mostly used to make high-grade mobile phone packaging, cosmetics packaging, but also used to make tableware, is a good pulp molding raw materials. A certain proportion of bamboo pulp is generally needed to produce products with complex shapes, small slopes and R angles. Because bamboo pulp resources are more valuable and the price is slightly higher than bagasse pulp, it is mostly used in proportion with bagasse fiber to increase performance and reduce cost.

Bamboo pulp production plants in northern China, Sichuan and Jiangxi.

Bamboo pulp