Pulp molding production line

EAMC fully automatic pulp moulding equipment: pulp molding tableware machine, molded pulp cup lid production equipment, pulp molding machine for fine molded pulp packaging products. The pulp molded tableware production line.

EAMC fully automatic molded fiber (pulp) production line is the advanced pulp molding new technology in fiber (pulp) molding machinery field. It has the following features:

Fully automatic pulp molding and trimming machine

The whole process of molded pulp producing, including forming, heat-pressing  solidification, margin trimming and side punching, are all completed in the one machine.

Multipurpose in one machine

The same equipment is suitable for the production of "environmental-friendly tableware", "Hot drink cup lid with inverted buckle", "premium small-angle industrial packaging", "boutique egg box, egg tray, fruit and vegetable tray", etc.

Our compact design is space efficient but still ensures a fully automated experience.

The production capacity is 2-3x the output of a conventional machine, assuming the same machine size. Greatly reduce civil construction costs, plant rents, and management costs

Fully enclosed safety protection and CE approved:

European and American design standards, the machine will automatically stop when the door is opened during operation. Our fully automatic pulp molding equipment has passed the CE certification.

High productivity, high automation, low energy consumption, low labor cost

The direct production cost of the product is greatly reduced, which is about 30% lower than the conventional equipment.

Specifications and models of EAMC pulp molding equipment:

EAMC fully automatic pulp molding tableware machine production line has three specifications: EA920; EA110; EA160.
Each specification is divided into different models, such as EA110 specifications are divided into the following models: EA110LC-A; EA110LC-Q; EA110LE-Q; EA110DE-Q, etc.

Fully automatic pulp molding and trimming machine

EAMC original creation, dozens of domestic and foreign invention patents, independent intellectual property rights

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