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Introduction to the EAMC Invention Patent

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EAMC company has obtained a series of invention patents on pulp molding technology, here in a brief introduction


 EAMC Invention patent 1: A method to eliminate the dripping phenomenon ofpulp molding machine andthe molding machine


The present invention relates to a method and apparatus formolded fiber products in apulpmolding method; The purpose is to provide the method and pulp molding machine to effectively eliminate the water droplets in the Wet blank transfer mode, and have good product quality and high production efficiency. The technical solution is: a method for eliminating the dripping phenomenon of the Wet blank transfer mode. After the Wet blank is formed and before the wet blank transfer mode absorbs the wet blank in the suction filtering molding mold, a blower device regularly blows on the top of the suction filter forming device, and blows a small amount of slurry and water away from the non-suction filtering area of the suction filter forming device.